I Don’t Like The Pink Ribbon – Part 3

How did the Pink BS started?

Like almost anything it was money driven. Big pharmaceutical companies couldn’t care less about our precious boobs! The story began when giants in the industry, such as AstraZeneca wanted to promote the consumption of drugs and mammograms. From there, came the notorious “every woman should get checked once a year after 40 years old” and they started to put stupid pink everywhere in October. By establishing fear and advertising that you are the solution, jackpot, your product is selling itself. Sit back, relax, and watch your bank account grow! 

The Dark Side Of Mammograms

  • Radiation accumulates!

Radiation is by itself a cancerigen. Exposing ourself to radiation already increases the chances of developing cancer, and in this case, breast cancer. Advertising mammograms to perfectly healthy women is just another way to make big bucks. Here is a great article that covers everything you need to know about radiation.

  • False positive

There is up to 70% false positives (seventy- f*cking – percent) with mammograms, that leads to unnecessary biopsies, mastectomies, chemo, and all that cool stuff. Not even talking about the psychological aspect!

Up to 25% (500/2,500) who are diagnosed and treated (chemo, radiation,…) and I quote : “for cancer they don’t even have or would have never become malignant” Ty Bennet.

  • Mammograms main cause of Breast Cancer?

American Cancer Society’s best buddy is… (hard one!) AstraZeneca. The system is made so that we get our annual dose of radiation allowing their pocket to continue to fill up. If you are interested on the subject, I highly recommend this book. It goes above and beyond the subject and explains why and how, mammograms is actually contributing to the increase of breast cancers. 

The politics behind the Health Industry might be as spicy as the one at the White House. Check this out, the author of “Cancer Step Outside the box” describes in this Podcast how he was supposed to speak about his research and studies on mammograms at Deadline, until they cancelled the interview. Why? Deadline is owned by General Electric, General Electric makes mammograms… Odd, isn’t it?! 

What if we need to get a mammogram?

Check out a few alternatives to mammograms if you’re ever in need. No one knows about those because guess what… They’re cost effective!

Wash Your Money in Pink

Breast Cancer Awareness is a multi-billion dollar industry! Every year raising more and more money. If you are donating to the “Pretty Stupid Pink Ribbon”, be aware that roughly 80% of your donation goes directly to “administrative overhead” aka THEIR POCKET. Only about 20% actually goes to the so called “research” – the one that tells us to get our yearly check up after 40!

In 2010, KFC did Pink Buckets the whole month of October, advertising they would donate $0.50 of each bucket to BCA. We know the role that nutrition plays in preventing cancer, so… Let me try to formulate what the deal was here… They were feeding people cancer to donate to a cause that is supposedly doing research to prevent cancer? If this makes any sense, BCA and KFC just reinvented logic, and I wonder how I was able to graduate high school.

Last But Not Least – A Word About Chemo

Does chemotherapy work? Of course. Think about it like this: our cancer cells are a bunch a little bad guys hidden in a village. Village full of good guys. To catch the bad guys, we’re taking our nuclear bomb and bombarding the whole village. Did we catch the bad guys? Chances are, we did! But what about the rest? Our dope little village with happy hours, live bands and the best food: GONE. There is nothing left, or barely anything. That’s basically what chemo does. It destroys everything: cancer cells, healthy cells. It doesn’t pick and choose! Our super Badass 2.0 Israeli army is nowhere to be found. Chemo destroyed our most valuable asset. 

It might work short term, we might even be cancer free after that. However, if we don’t get our 2.0 super Badass Israeli army back on track (fast), guess what might happen… Surprise, cancer is knocking at the door again. It might even come knocking at many doors, windows and chimney: this is called metastasis.  Because chemo destroyed our badass army, cancer can operate full-force, usually not leaving any chance. Which is why getting taking care of our immune system should be Number One priority, during, and after treatment.

This very interesting study shows the percentage of survival rate after 5 years (if you’re geeky like me, you’ll find this very interesting). As you can see, it is horribly low.

In 1996, the World Health Organization gave chemotherapy’s ingredients the very first step of the podium for the top cancerigen. Isn’t it scary that number one treatment they give to cancer patients is actually a category one cancerigen?

Why Didn’t We Know About All This? 

As previously said, all of “them” (Cancer Associations, drug companies, medical devices companies, ect) are billion dollar companies. If no one is sick, there is no business. Prevention means less money. From a business standpoint, we have to admit that this is beautiful : getting healthy people to undertake procedures (costly procedures) that are increasing their chances of getting sick, and advertise the drugs your best buddies are selling, to – supposedly – cure you. On the other hand, you got yourself covered with Pink Ribbons sponsored by KFC and many others. While you sit back and collect billions of dollars. This is genius. 

We might also be wondering why they exclusively teach drug oriented treatments in medical schools. We would expect doctors wanting to save people’s lives rather than destroying them. We need to go back a few years (well, a few decades!) when John Rockefeller was trying to find a way to increase the sales of his products (big pharmaceutical companies selling drugs, how surprising). For those of you who don’t know the guy, he was extremely rich and started to fund Universities in order to push his drugs through medical schools, leaving behind any holistic approaches. He is the reason we’re having drug intensive treatments today: it was a business association. Follow the money baby! 


NOW WHAT? What do we do with all of that. If you were among the very courageous ones that read it until the end, first of all, congratulations, and thank you! You must be a bit overwhelmed with so much information. I certainly was. 

If you need to remember only one thing from this article, is that 90-95% of chances of getting cancer is entirely IN OUR CONTROL. What we eat, breath, drink, do, think , the relationships we have, our self care, all of these will help us stay clear of it. We need to understand the importance of having a strong and healthy gut microbiome (our amazing Badass 2.0 Israeli Army). Most of health problems/conditions nowadays, whether it is an autoimmune disease, infections, viruses, cancers, it all starts in the gut, if we understand that, it’s not rocket science to understand that what we put in our body matters. 

Furthermore, when something is massively advertised, don’t believe it blindly – keep a critical mind and some discernment. Who is advertising? What are the facts? Who did the studies to support those facts? You’d be surprised of what you find when you dig!  

Talk to doctors, to functional practitioners, don’t let anyone scare you and most importantly, do your research! There are plenty of studies, books, podcasts, documentaries, survivors, to learn from. You don’t have to believe anything I say, or anyone else for that matter, make your own opinion!

With October coming up, I hope this was helpful, and that you will find a way to support Breast Cancer Awareness that is not by buying something pink :). 

If you learned a few things, please don’t forget to share, share, and share some more!


Additional resources : 

How radiation works : https://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2010/09/25/high-ct-scan-radiation-is-deadly.aspx

Study about the survival rate of Chemo after 5 years: https://liberationchiropractic.com/wp-content/uploads/research/2004-Morgan-Chemotherapy.pdf

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Food: https://thetruthaboutcancer.com/seven-foods-fight-cancer-naturally/

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History of BCA: https://thetruthaboutcancer.com/truth-exposed-komen/

Politics: https://thetruthaboutcancer.com/conflict-of-interest-breast-cancer-awareness-month/ 

Non-Biased Cancer Research and Prevention Organization





Cancer, Step Outside the Box”, by Ty Bennet

Criminal Indifference of the FDA to Cancer Prevention” by Samuel S. Epstein

The Biology of Beliefs”Bruce H. Lipton, PhD

Dressed to Kill” by Brian De Palma

Eat to Beat disease” by William W Li

Cancer Free With Food” Liana Werner Gray


The Joe Rogan Experience” With Joe Rogan

The Model Health Show Podcast” with Shawn Stevenson

Health Theory” with Tom Bilyeu

There are a LOT more podcasts on health, but those are the main ones I’ve been listening to for this articles

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