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The hormonal birth control pill madness!

Ooooh, it has been a while since I wanted to write about this subject! For the few guys reading my blog (I wish!), you might not want to dismiss this article so fast :-), chances are, you have some women in your life you care about. Quick disclaimer before you continue reading - this article… Continue reading The hormonal birth control pill madness!


Nutrition isn’t Religion!

Have you ever noticed that as soon as a new documentary comes out on Netflix, everyone falls in love with a new nutrition concept (that they didn’t even know existed before) and starts promoting the crap out of it as if their life depended on it. Some people start drinking Herbalife from breakfast to dinner,… Continue reading Nutrition isn’t Religion!


What The Hell is a Canola?

Quick question for you, how many times have you heard things like: “I am on a low fat diet”; “Make sure my yogurt is low fat”; “Bacon? Hell no! It’s too fat”, “Put skim milk in my coffee”,…  If I had a dollar every time I heard someone say this, I wouldn’t be in my… Continue reading What The Hell is a Canola?


Challenge Anyone?

The other day I opened my Instagram and as soon as I started scrolling down, I saw: “Don’t forget, our 30 days challenge starts tomorrow”, “5 more days to sign up for a special nutrition challenge”, “the diet of your life starts today”. Ugh, I’m sick of it… I guess the only positive thing about this,… Continue reading Challenge Anyone?